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REMIT – Regulation (EU) No. 1227/2011 on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency


Urgent Market Messages pursuant to Article 4.1 or REMIT: Information relating to the unavailability of transmission infrastructure

The data published in this section consists in information related to the planned and unplanned unavailability in the transmission grid that reduces cross zonal capacity between bidding zones by 100 MW or more, in compliance with the obligation to publish inside information set in article 4.1 of REMIT.

The planned and unplanned unavailability of the interconnections with neighboring countries (except for Greece and Malta) are published on the ENTSO-E Central Information Transparency Platform ( Link ).

The information mentioned above related to the period prior to 15th September can be found under the Transparency section (Link). 

NOTE for users:
Please be informed that the publications in object will also be published on the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform (link) as of 01/01/2018