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Statistical data and forecast


We process the official statistics of the entire national electricity sector and we are responsible for official communications to international bodies such as Eurostat, IEA, OECD, UN

As a member of Sistan (Sistema Statistico Nazionale - Italian National Statistics System), Terna’s Statistics office has a legal duty to draft the official statistics of the entire Italian electricity sector and is therefore also responsible for official communication of the statistics to international bodies such as Eurostat, IEA, OCSE and UNO.

The data required for the National Statistics Program currently involves around 4,500 operators from the electricity sector—producers and distributors—and it provides a complete picture of Italy's electricity system.

As of the edition published in 2000, a new data acquisition method has been used and is organised through a computer system available on the GSTAT website, to which access is reserved for employees of the Italian electricity sector
A selection of the principal statistical information is available online, in the section:

  • Statistical data. The annual report “Statistical Data on Electricity in Italy”, available online, was published by Enel until 1998 and by GRTN until 2004. The report provides a complete picture of the capacity of all power plants and their electricity production and consumption in Italy. Electricity sector statistics are published according to the following schedule:
  • Online publicationStatistical data on electricity in Italy”.
  • Monthly analysis: by the 15th of each month. Available in the document Monthly Report on the Electricity System. As of July 2018, using Demetra software, Terna’s statistics office is using a new method to adjust consumptions considering the calendar and temperature effects. Download the methodological information

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