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Statistical Data


The statistical data on electricity in Italy

The publication "Statistical Data on electricity in Italy" is prepared annually by Terna. Drawn up until 1998 by Enel, and later by GRTN, it collects data regarding the principal aspects of the national electricity sector. As of the 2000 edition, a new data acquisition method was used organized through a computer program present in the website - Gstat – whose access is reserved to the staff of each Electricity Operators in Italy. Starting in 2000, the "Statistical Data" was divided in seven sections:

  • General data: includes a summary of all the principal statistical data of the year compared with the similar data of the previous year.
  • Grid: indicates the figures regarding the high voltage and extra high voltage grid at the end of the year.
  • Power plants: indicates the figures regarding the hydroelectric and thermoelectric plants and those from renewable sources.
  • Loads: analyzes the hourly loads with particular reference to the third Wednesday of December.
  • Production: indicates the hydroelectric and thermoelectric production as well as that from renewable sources.
  • Consumption: analyzes consumption according to the Istat’s parameters of economic activity and according to the different types of users.
  • International comparison: provides – at the international level – a brief summary of the power installed and of the electricity production, including various socio-economic and energy indicators.



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