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The maximum and minimum values of the total demand in addition to the coverage thereof across primary sources, with reference to a specific period. The value of thermal energy is calculated net of absorption.

The provisional data is based on Terna’s measurements and estimates and are subject to continuous change. The consolidated data are only to considered definitive after the publication of the “Statistical data on electricity in Italy” annual report. Here available from January 1st 2015 to today.

Numerical data are always presented in English format (N.B. the full stop is used to separate decimals, comma to separate thousands)

  • For all graphs

    To download the data

    1. Choose the graph you would like to download the data for and set the desired filters
    2. Click any point on the graph, and 2 icons will appear at the top right
    3. Place the mouse over to show the More options label
      1. Click on the dots to make the selection menu appear
      2. Select the command you want and follow the instructions to complete the action:
        1. Export data: allows you to export the data for the selected graph.
        2. Show data: allows you to view the data as a table below the graph. To return to the previous view, click on
        3. Spotlight: brings the graph’s frame to the foreground, making it more visible.
    4. Place the mouse over : to show the Focus mode label
      1. Click on the icon to enlarge the graph to fill up all the available space. To return to the previous view, click on

    Customizing the period viewed

    Click on to set the date range using the calendar.

    N.B. The calendar will only appear after clicking the Custom range button.

    To update the graph view

    Press CTRL + F5. The graph is reloaded with the latest data.

    N.B. It is recommended to do this after staying on the same chart for a very long time.

  • Graphs: Peak – Valley load

    Going from Peak data view to Valley data view

    1. Click the cursor to change the view. Move the cursor on the graph to show the related values.

    Viewing source and maximum/minimum demand details

    1. Click on the source you want (Thermal, Hydro, Photovoltaic, Self-consumption, Next Foreign Exchange, Wind, Geothermal) or its corresponding colour on the graph.
    2. The selected source will be highlighted on the graph, showing the relative values.

    N.B. This function is only available for the Daily period.

    Customizing the period for maximum/minimum demand

    1. Select the period
      1. Click on the Daily button to select a day on the interactive calendar.
      2. Click on Custom Range to set the dates on the calendar to view the corresponding period.
        1. After selecting the period, choose Weekly or Monthly to view by week or by month.

          The graph will change setting and show the maximum or minimum for the selected period.

    N.B. Changing the period from Weekly to Monthly or vice versa will reset the calendar settings.