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Scheduled trade between Italy, neighbouring TSOs, Corsica and Malta. Every day the hourly trade programme between market areas is published.

The data is published at the end of implicit and explicit capacity allocation processes and is in aggregate form for all time periods (yearly, monthly, day-ahead, intraday). Here available from January 1st 2015 to today.

Numerical data are always presented in English format (N.B. the full stop is used to separate decimals, comma to separate thousands)

  • For all graphs

    To download the data

    1. Choose the graph you would like to download the data for and set the desired filters
    2. Click any point on the graph, and 2 icons will appear at the top right
    3. Place the mouse over to show the More options label
      1. Click on the dots to make the selection menu appear
      2. Select the command you want and follow the instructions to complete the action:
        1. Export data: allows you to export the data for the selected graph.
        2. Show data: allows you to view the data as a table below the graph. To return to the previous view, click on
        3. Spotlight: brings the graph’s frame to the foreground, making it more visible.
    4. Place the mouse over : to show the Focus mode label
      1. Click on the icon to enlarge the graph to fill up all the available space. To return to the previous view, click on

    Customizing the period viewed

    Click on to set the date range using the calendar.

    N.B. The calendar will only appear after clicking the Custom range button.

    To update the graph view

    Press CTRL + F5. The graph is reloaded with the latest data.

    N.B. It is recommended to do this after staying on the same chart for a very long time.

  • Graphs: Scheduled Foreign Exchange and Physical Foreign Flow

    The direction of the arrows indicates whether the exchange is from Italy to the TSO or vice versa.

    Viewing exchange schedule details

    1. Select the time you want from the drop-down menu at the top right of the graph.
      The graph will provide the values for the selected time.

    N.B. Selecting a market area detail view resets the time. You must select the time from the drop-down menu again.

    Viewing foreign exchange values

    1. Click on the button you want.
    2. The button will be highlighted and the graph will show the exchange values for the selected country for all available time slots.
    3. Click on the selected button again to return to the original view.