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Relations with sector operators


All the various types of operators in the electricity sector, i.e. Our direct interlocutors in core operations. These relationships are mainly governed by the sector Authority and focus on the end customer

The parties that Terna interacts with the most in its core business activities are the electricity sector operators. Such interaction particularly regards:

  • Distribution companies and production plant owners: with these parties, Terna regulates the electricity transmission service on its grid.
  • Dispatching users: with producers, end customers and wholesalers, Terna regulates the dispatching service.
  • Interruptible customers: are the end customers of withdrawing that offer Terna an interruptible service for their load.

Relations between sector operators and Terna are regulated principally by the sector Authority and are technically and commercially defined in the Grid Code. Terna, however, adopts a customer care approach with the sector operators that goes well beyond the proper application of the regulations.

In 2017, Terna procured resources for interruptibility and instant-load-reduction services, which aim to secure the functioning of the national electricity system in the event that resources procured on the market were found to be insufficient. Participants in the interruptibility service numbered 243 in 2018, accounting for 4,214 MW of power. The related annual cost amounts to approximately €0.25 billion.


Interruptible users 243 288 286
Distributors directly connected to the NTG 51* 27 25
Injection dispatching users (Producers and Traders) 135 140 135
Withdrawal dispatching users (Traders and end customers, including the Single Buyer) 185 186 182

* In addition to licensed distribution companies, the figure includes operators of closed distribution systems for internal user networks directly connected to the NTG.