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Terna’s strategy in this regard focuses on three major areas: Organisational Model 231, fraud management and staff training.
The safeguards and systems in the company have enabled the attribution since 2013 of legality ratings to the parent company, with maximum points awarded by the Italian Antitrust Authority (NCA).

In 2017, there was no pending litigation, nor were any penal cases concluded in regards to corruption. Since 2005 (the year in which ownership and management of the transmission grid was combined and Terna – Rete Elettrica Nazionale S.p.A. was established) and through the entirety of 2015, no significant monetary fines, or definitive administrative or judicial penalties have imposed a “do/not do” obligation on Terna, or criminally convicted its employees.


Since 2014 Terna has been associated with Transparency International, the largest worldwide organisation concerned with preventing and combating corruption. As part of the initiatives promoted by the Association, in early 2016 the Terna Group joined the Business Integrity Forum (BIF) together with 11 other major Italian companies already active on issues of integrity and transparency and committed to supporting the fight against corruption in business practices by collaborating with the network on joint projects of cultural dissemination, communication and the adoption of counteraction tools



In line with its culture of transparency and legality, in November 2015 Terna published "Open, transparent works", becoming the first to do so among Italian companies. It is a webspace that is accessible to users from any device and it is entirely dedicated to the works. Here all information concerning contracts and how they are awarded and contractors and subcontractors of works that are under way to construct electrical infrastructure within Italy is published and regularly updated.
Using this tool, anyone is able to verify the progress of large infrastructural works, the number of companies that took part in the tender and the names of the contractors to whom the works have been assigned.

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The Terna Group is the first in Italy to certify its anti-corruption management system in accordance with the new international regulation ISO 37001:2016 - Anti-Bribery Management Systems, published in October 2015 by ISO (the International Standard Organisation) to support organisations to fight corruption and promote ethics in their economic activities.

The requirements of safety, quality, social responsibility and sustainability were verified by the IMQ Certifying Body, the most important Italian organisation for auditing and assessing the conformity and certification of products and company management and quality systems.

The Terna anti-corruption management model guarantees behaviour based on principles of fairness, transparency and integrity and is an additional element in the strategic integrated security project based on the implementation and synergic management of tools, such as risk-sharing with institutional partners and the police, the creation of transparent communication tools, the promotion of respect for the law and prevention on crucial issues, such as corruption, undeclared employment, unpaid contributions and the risk of criminal infiltration into the economic fabric, procurement and subcontracts.