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Terna’s social responsibility begins at home, by listening to its personnel
For example, there is the question of job safety for those workers operating on pylons 30-40 meters above ground, often on live operating lines; Terna ensures working conditions appropriate to the specific risks involved for such a highly specialized job. This is demonstrated by the 64 hours of training per year which each worker receives.

Such skills are unique and should be treated as an asset, a resource that must be safeguarded, developed and preserved over time by means of high levels of training with considerable emphasis on generational change

Within human resources, the distinctive, often rare or unique expertise in the electricity sector lies that allows Terna to carry out its activities effectively with a high level of professionalism and operational efficiency as well as face the changes necessary for meeting new challenges and implementing corporate strategy.

Focusing on renewing this expertise represents a fundamental element in Terna’s approach toward human resources, also based on the significant generational turnover in progress. Just as important is the commitment for occupational safety, sharpened by the fact that many operational activities involve particular risks (working at heights, working with high voltage).

Internal communication initiatives and the presence of integrated health, retirement and social security benefits, often deriving from agreements with the unions, contribute to the well-being and satisfaction of the employees. Among these, the presence of women is constantly rising