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Diversity and equal opportunities


Our initiatives to promote women's employment within the company, including adherence to "Value W", the association founded following an initiative by female managers from various Italian businesses

The percentage of women in the total workforce in Italy was 9.0% at the end of 2005 (the year in which Terna became an independent company). This figure has grown steadily since then, registering 13.5% at the end of 2018. 26.6% of hires, not taking into account blue-collar workers, were women (24.1% in 2017).

The main indicators chosen by Terna to monitor the equal treatment of men and women show that the management and development systems adopted do not disadvantage women. In particular, it should be noted that, in 2017, the proportion of women managers in relation to the total number of managers (19.7%) was once again higher than the proportion of women in relation to the total number of employees, without taking into account blue-collar workers (18.5%). Remuneration data also show moderate pay gaps for office staff and middle managers, with wider gaps for senior managers, although the number of people considered is smaller and the pay gaps are consequently more influenced by the nature of the related roles and the fact that there are few incoming and outgoing staff.

Did you know
Demonstrating its concrete concern for promoting the contribution of women, in 2009 Terna joined “Value W”, an initiative started by several women managers from a number of important Italian and multinational companies with the objective of creating synergy and developing the professional competence of women to achieve greater opportunities for representation in enterprises.

The presence of personnel belonging to protected categories (i.e., disabled) as of December 31, 2016 was of 138 people (131 in 2015 and 140 in 2014). This figure is in line with the regulations applicable to Terna.


Men % 55.6
Women % 44.4
Under 30 % -
Between 30 and 50 % 22.2
Over 50 % 77.8

The overall picture of all Terna's social data is available for download here.