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Industrial relations


Our system of industrial relations currently in force, including all agreements, regulations, bargaining levels and relationships with trade unions

Relations with Unions representing employees occur both at the level of the electricity sector as well as nationally, with a complex system of relations.

All people working at Terna are covered by the collective bargaining agreement adopted by the electricity sector companies (CCNL - "Contratto Collettivo Nazionale di Lavoro - Settore elettrico"; National Collective Bargaining Agreement – Electricity Sector) or, for the managers of the relative collective agreement. The sector contract regulates many aspects of employee benefits, such as for example, the minimum wages for the different levels of professional levels, wages of shift-workers, holidays, overtime work, integrated health assistance, complementary social security.

Terna contributes to defining the sector regulations, as part of the delegation of employers that negotiate with the Unions the contract renewal.

Union membership of Terna’s employees in 2018 was equal to 46%, up compared to previous year. Managing a specific Regulation for Industrial Relations allowed consolidating and developing an effective network of relations between parties at all levels, thus governing without conflicts the change processes of significant corporate interest.

In the 2016-2018 three-year period, negotiations with the Unions for the category has led to drafting 50 agreements.