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Hiring new personnel from the outside represents, together with employee training, the principal tool for guaranteeing renewal and update of expertise required in carrying out the company’s mission.

New personnel principally regards certified or newly graduated technicians, an important part of these is represented by engineers.
Personnel search and selection also includes relations with Schools, Universities, Business Schools and other outstanding centers. In order to facilitate recruiting specific professionals, Terna has established agreements with some of the principal Italian Universities and Business Schools.

In 2018 Terna took part in 17 Career Days, signed 17 sponsorship and partnership agreements with accredited universities and business schools, entered into over 40 other agreements and recruited 29 apprentices and interns. In general, the principal tool used by Terna for selecting personnel is the dedicated section of its website: Work at Terna.

The overall picture of all Terna's social data is available for download here.

Together with externally selecting and hiring resources, training at Terna has a primary role in guaranteeing the persistence and development over time of the vast range of expertise -- technical, managerial, behavioral – necessary for the electricity service and more generally, for implementing corporate strategy.

Terna drafts its training programs by aligning them to the best standards and adapting them over time to the level of education of the newly hired personnel and of the change in expertise and know-how required for internal organization.

In 2018:

  • 203,556 hours of training were provided, of which 70% led by internal trainers;
  • all members of staff attended at least one training course;
  • 55 hours of training per capita, in line with the target of 45 hours per capita for the two-year period 2018-2019, which continue to represent an excellent performance compared with the average for Italian blue chips (approximately 30 hours per capita among FTSE-MIB companies)

Unit  2018 
Total hours provided hrs  203,556  178,856 203,066
Average number of hours per employee hrs  55  50 61
% employees covered(1) 100 100 99
(1) % Percentage of employees who took at least one training course

Senior executives 29  17 31
Junior executives 32  36 49
White-collar workers 59  43 48
Blue-collar workers 64  73 90

The overall picture of all Terna's social data is available for download here.

Our training center
With regard to training for safely working on climbing pylons and on electricity lines, erna’s reference point is the Training Center in Viverone (Biella, Piemonte). The Center hosts an electricity and a mechanical laboratory. The first is used for carrying out:
  • Insulation and conduction tests
  • Testing
  • Periodic testing of equipment

During testing, the mechanical laboratory carries out:
  • Traction
  • Compression
  • Flexion
  • Torsion
The Training Center in Viverone also contains specific equipment designed for employees that must be trained to work with high voltages and, during 2013 the Training Center has obtained its first accreditation for the multi-site laboratory management system (Viverone, Civitavecchia, Frattamaggiore), in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard.

In September 2014, further inspections were carried out by Accedia, which confirmed the positive results. This has allowed the Terna Group to become, both nationally and at the European level, the reference point in the high-voltage energy sector, as it is the only organisation accredited to issue certification in regard to tests carried out on LLW equipment.

At only four km from the Viverone Training Center a large outdoor area is located for training to climb pylons. This area is equipped with over 3,600 meters of overhead lines that reproduce the most recurring types of electricity lines and pylons used in high voltage. This area is also used for experimental activities.