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Terna supports sustainability through adherence to the Global Compact principles and participation in several associations.

Kyoto Club

The non-profit organisation made up of businesses, bodies, associations and local administrations engaged in reaching greenhouse gas reduction targets set by the Kyoto Protocol and promoting awareness-raising and information initiatives and training within the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and sustainable mobility.


Since the beginning of 2010, Terna has been a member of Anima: this non-profit association, promoted in 2001 by the Union of Rome’s Industrialists and Companies (today Unindustria), welcomes companies that are joined by the objective of spreading a culture that blends profits with the creation of well-being for the community.

CSR Manager Network

Terna supports the activities of the CSR Manager Network Italia: this association joins approximately one hundred managers and professionals coming from companies of all sizes and from all sectors that are devoted to CSR themes.

The Global Compact Network Italia

The Global Compact Network Italia is a multi-stakeholder organization that in line with the directives of the Global Compact Office in New York acts as a national platform for implementing promotional activities and spreading its principles throughout Italy.
Considering this objective the Network operates to spread information, giving support and coordination to Italian companies and organizations which resolve to share, support and employ a whole range of universal principles in matters of human rights, labour, the environment and the fight against corruption, thereby contributing to the accomplishment of a more wide-ranging and sustainable global economy.
On 10 June 2013, the Foundation was established by the Global Compact Network Italy that takes up the mission of the Network and aims to raise awareness of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), supporting a rise in subscriptions in the country and promoting the commitment to corporate sustainability by Italian member businesses and organizations. Terna is one of the 18 organizations that participated in the establishment of the Foundation, with a representative on the Steering Committee.

Foundation for sustainable development

Terna became a member in 2011. The Foundation's principle activities consist in studying sustainable development issues – from a cultural and technical perspective – through research, seminars and meetings.

Transparency International Italia

This is the Italian arm of the international organization which works to fight corruption.