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Transparency in relations with Institutions

Transmission System Operator activities, which Terna carries out under a government concession, require a constant focus on relations with Institutions. Some of these, such as the Ministry of Economic Development, are responsible for controlling and directing the Company’s main activities; others, such as the Ministries of the Environment and Cultural Heritage, have a determining role in authorising the infrastructural projects for the development of the electricity grid.

Terna acts in a transparent and conscientious manner with all Institutions, helping to provide the Government and Parliament with the information they need to outline the main political policies in the energy sector. In this sense, Terna’s interests coincide with the objectives of the concession, providing information when requested within the framework of Hearings at the said Institutions.

More generally, Terna contributes to the consultation process on dossiers of a political and legislative nature by actively participating in collective initiatives - e.g. work groups - organised by business associations in the sector or research organisations and think tanks.

In 2018, the annual contributions to this kind of organisation were €814,500 (€745,010 in 2017, €711,710 in 2016, €793,000 in 2015); the three main organisations receiving such contributions were:

  • Anie (Italian Federation of Electro-technical and Electronic Companies
  • Unindustria (Union of Industrialists and Businesses of Rome-Frosinone-Latina-Rieti-Viterbo)
  • Assonime (Italian Association of Joint-Stock Companies)

which received a total of € 492,510.

Again in 2018, the main themes followed by Terna concerned the definition of the National Energy Strategy (SEN), the Environmental Code and the transposition of European Directives to Italian legislation e.g. on the matter of publishing declarations of a non-financial nature.