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  • Plant maintenance
  • Information security and cyber security
What we are doing for the entire system to operate correctly
26,000 checks
at stations with various voltage levels in 2017
85,500 km
of grid inspected on-site in 2017
41,800 km
of grid checked based on instrument methodologies in 2017
21,300 km
of power lines where plant cutting was done to ensure the lines operate correctly and safely
All lines
are inspected on average more than once a year

We work continually to improve our ability to identify and optimise interventions on the grid; we use the best possible techniques to conduct checks based on innovative instruments and processes.

Did you know that…
Thanks to the “live technique”, we can carry out maintenance checks without disconnecting service lines, and in this way avoid disruptions. Using this technique, we carried out 1,600 checks and 600 maintenance interventions during 2017.

In recent years, the development of information tools and progressive digitilisation of companies has increased the risk of cyber attacks: to deal with an increasingly complex scenario, we have for some time now, adopted an “Information Security Governance” model.

Using this model, we can take into consideration all the risk factors that our complex ICT eco-system is exposed to, and deal timeously with potential impacts.

Our cyber security allows us to identify and promptly contain security incidents, thus minimising for example, the loss of data and facilitating the restoration of the services involved.

Activities in 2017
Creation of a Cyber Security Operations & Data Protection hub

We extended our organisation involving cyber security issues, by creating a:
Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) focusing on Cyber Security Monitoring & Respond processes, Info Sharing and Threat Intelligence
Cyber security Engineering Centre directed at adopting Cyber Defence measures and supporting Security by Design activities.

Strengthening the Information Security Framework

We have 70 ICT system security plans in place, with the scope of integrating the Enterprise Risk Management platform; we are working on covering the entire ICT perimeter.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

We have consolidated the Identity & Access Management (IAM) process that manages enabling access to critical data resources with the implementation of first monitoring use cases (Identity Governance) to extend visibility (and governance) and to include applications that currently do not use centralised authentication mechanisms.

Monitoring capability and Cyber defence

During the year, the extension and upgrading of monitoring services continued for the security of systems and network of platforms integrated in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), based on technological solutions, such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Adoption of the IEC 62351 standard for the Control System and Remote Conduction

A project was introduced in 2017, which will result in the adoption of IEC standard 62351, with secure protocols in authentication processes and encoding of communications within the industrial automation systems.