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With the State Police for the protection of critical infrastructures on the electricity grid



November 2018

    The collaboration for territorial control has been strengthened thanks to a new ad hoc digital platform

    The State Police Director for the Inspection of the Territory Division, Maurizio Vallone, and the Head of Corporate Affairs at Terna, Bernardo Quaranta, today signed an agreement in the presence of the Head of the State Police – General Director of Public Security Franco Gabrielli, the Central Anti-Crime Director of the State Police Vittorio Rizzi, and the Chief Executive Officer and General Manger of Terna Luigi Ferraris, whereby the parties involved undertake to implement synergies to increase the security and protect critical Terna infrastructure. This agreement falls within the scope of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of the Interior and resulting Agreement between the State Police, Carabinieri Corps and Terna, with the aim of providing higher levels of physical protection for substations and electricity lines.

    The project envisages developing and integrating a specifically conceived module within Terna’s infrastructure called Energy (NRG) on the Mercurio technology platform for inspecting the territory, which is already being used by the State Police. This will make it possible to promptly send through any geo-localised report of intrusions at critical Terna sites, thus speeding up the Police’s response time. The technical aspects of the procedures for realising connections between Terna’s video alarm systems and the Police operating centres will be regulated in this manner. Based on dedicated procedures and innovative computer tools from its Security Operations Centre (SOC), Terna will also promote the exchange of data and images with the relevant Police headquarters that are responsible for a territory.
    Today’s agreement follows on from the cooperation plan already introduced, which aims to protect one of the country’s major strategic infrastructures, comprising 72,000 km of high-voltage lines and 873 electrical substations, which every year carry approximately 320 billion kWh of the national electricity requirement.

    “We are highly satisfied with this agreement,” commented Luigi Ferraris, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Terna, “which represents an important step forward in the cooperation already initiated some time ago with the State Police. Guaranteeing the utmost level of security on the national transmission grid is our priority. Thanks to this strategic arrangement, activities relating to protecting sensitive infrastructure will improve and become quicker, including those managed by Terna to make them increasingly secure and reliable based on the innovation provided by the protection systems and invaluable technological know-how made available by the Police”.

    “Today’s signing represents a contemporary interpretation of the State Police’s role and responsibilities,” Prefect Gabrielli added, “which currently also encompass protecting the strategic infrastructure in our country. Technology allows us to multiply the resources involved and public-private platforms make it possible to elevate quality standards in the services offered”.

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