Our know-how at the service of customers, supporting the energy transition

We create and upgrade transmission infrastructure (lines and substations) with turnkey solutions to satisfy the requirements of both industrial customers and demand for grid connection of new renewable plants.

We deal with the authorisation, design, construction and operation of assets, assuming ownership and operation thereof for a set period where requested (BOOT – Build, Own, Operate, Transfer).

We build, repair and sell electrical machinery through Tamini, the Group company that is a European leader in the field of design, production and sale of industrial electrical and power transformers.

We offer support to companies in the optimisation of energy consumption, designing and developing innovative solutions to reduce energy supply costs and the optimisation of production processes, and for Energy Efficiency Certificates (white certificates).

WithAvvenia, the Group companythat is a leader in the design of energy-efficiency solutions, not only do we help companies to identify specific areas for improvement and understand how to act to create value, altering the production chain and provision of services, but we also offer guidance for financing works required.

Energy diagnosis.This serves to gain a thorough understanding of the company and identify a programme of activities with the goal of improving production or management processes and increasing competitive positioning.

Diana platform. The cloud-based advanced and integrated energy diagnostics solution presents the company with results of analysis and monitoring of operations and energy performance in real time.

Dynamic modelling of the “building/plant” system. This acts as a platform for increasing efficiency and offers awareness of the energy restriction measures for companies with significant climate control of working environments./p>

T&T analysis. Analysis of techniques and technology involved in company processes with the goal of assessing and, where necessary, updating capabilities on the basis of improved solutions available on the market.mercato.

Did you know that...

Producing stainless steel products and avoiding 30 thousand tonnes of atmospheric CO2 emissions a year? It can be done. Acciai Speciali Terni (AST) together with Avvenia has created a unique programme in Italy that allows industrial production to combine innovation and sustainability. The project is the result of highly technological works which have optimised the qualitative and environmental performance of production at Terni’s historic steel works. Discover more on Lightbox, Terna's blog.

Evolution of the market, which is now based on an electricity generation system that is widely distributed across the territory, allows companies to sell their production flexibility to the market.

We offer turnkey solutions to companies that which to evaluate, design and integrate storage systems (batteries) and co-generation/tri-generation solutions into their renewable production cycles (solar and wind power), also combining these elements together. We create advanced generation systems, storage, active demand behind the meter, utility scale and control systems for the plants themselves, capable of optimising operation also in the context of providing flexible services to the electricity system.

Our offer

A sustainable island: the Smart Island Project

Cells to store energy, use of electric vehicles with battery-charging stations, intelligent and integrated management of the smart grid: these are just some of our proposals for the minor Italian islands that are not interconnected to the electricity grid on the mainland. The goal is to generate green energy on the islands, integrating this with existing traditional production and developing measures to increase the territory's energy efficiency. These are all actions that contribute to reducing pollution, improving environmental conditions and the quality of life of inhabitants, and will also have a positive impact on tourism. Some examples? Pantelleria, Giglio and Giannutri.

We offer high-tech solutions for maintenance and monitoring of both infrastructure (substations, electricity lines and fibre optics) and grid systems (renewables plants, storage systems, CHP), with the goal of preventing and reducing service outages and minimising risk of faults and unavailability of the service. Use, development and calibration of algorithms for predictive and preventive maintenance allow increased/optimised performance of plants under management.

Monitoring and constant diagnostics on assets is possible thanks to dedicated remote centres and call centres, supported by a networked presence of Terna technicians across the entire country. Our added-value services also include guarantees on performance and availability/reliability of works, in addition to services taking advantage of automated solutions, drones and augmented/virtual reality, capable of creating increasingly advanced and customised maintenance plans.

Digitalisation is the instrument that Terna is using to manage the energy transition process. The homogenisation between watts and bits is a reality; today we manage billions of data which will be the basis of our predictive analysis systems. In this increasingly digital world computer and physical security is fundamental. For this reason we have developed digital video-surveillance systems on more than 140 electrical substations which are remotely controlled in a Security Operation Center that also manages cyber security, services and expertise that we can make available to our customers.

Transformation of the energy world travels very quickly via an enormous and continuous mass of data. We offer our fibre-optic infrastructure, networked across the country, to meet the growing need for fast and reliable digital connections. We also support our partners in the development of smart solutions in the telecommunications sector.

Our offer

Usage rights for fibre-optic network. Usage rights for existing fibre optic cables on Terna's power lines, with reduced routes and attenuations with respect to traditional laying (underground) and with notable advantages in terms of costs.

Pylon hire. Due to their height and distribution across the country, pylons are suitable for installation of telecommunications antennae aimed at developing or strengthening mobile networks and Wi-Fi devices.

Housing e facility. Installation of telecommunication equipment in already operational Terna spaces (TLC cabinets, technological nodes of TLC networks, datacentres), with significant advantages in terms of security and with guarantees of redundancy and reliability of the connections, both electrical and in optical fibre.