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Advanced materials
Energy tech

Growing need for digital technology for smart energy and power management solutions.

The ecological transition currently under way requires major innovation efforts throughout the entire electricity supply chain, both in methodologies and in network and market management processes. It will therefore take innovative choices on various fronts to ensure the increased efficiency of a single system of integrated systems (electricity grid, gas grid, water system, transport, etc.).

Here are some of the main System Innovation projects in this area:

  • E-mobility Lab. We are engaged in the development of Smart Charging and Vehicle to Grid applications with the various electric mobility stakeholders to enable the provision of grid services from electric vehicles;
  • Equigy. Together with other European TSOs we have developed a blockchain platform to facilitate the participation of small distributed resources in providing flexibility for the system.

Research and development of new technologies for transmission-grid activity is essential for the efficiency and quality of the service. We focus on digital, sustainable assets to find solutions that are consistent with grid activities, aimed at the continuous improvement of the service provided.

Here are some of the main Grid Innovation projects in this area:

  • Drones. We leverage Visual Line Of Sight (VLOS) and Beyond Line of Sight (BVLOS) technology to perform remote monitoring surveys for enhanced efficiency of power line inspections;
  • Advanced sensors. We are investigating new solutions for grid monitoring, such as the use of satellite technologies;
  • SF6 free. High-voltage electrical equipment with insulation and circuit-breaking fluids as an alternative to SF6 gas.

Ensuring the safe performance of grid operations and improving the operation and interoperability of control centres are essential objectives for Terna. This is why we continually invest in grid management optimisation, using the most advanced energy operations and forecasting techniquesg.

Here are some of the main System Innovation projects in this area:

  • OSMOSE. We test innovative flexibility services provided by wind farms, batteries, large industrial users and the grid itself; these are subject to coordinated management by central Energy Management System software;
  • Distributed generation monitoring. We are finalising a system to give real-time estimates of the main electrical data relating to load and to distributed generation, i.e. connected to the distributor networks.

Safety is something close to our hearts. Innovation also helps ensure high safety for workers. Reviewing processes and innovative technologies, e.g. for personal protective equipment, allows us to constantly improve safety for people doing their normal jobs.

This area involves the development of innovation projects and initiatives to advance the company’s “new ways of working” strategic policy, which involves rethinking how we work after the Covid pandemic.