icona sostenibilità & energy transition

We want to be the first to bet on solutions that enable sustainable development and are consistent with the company's mission to contribute to the energy transition, whether or not they are focused on Terna’s core business.

  • Solutions to make infrastructure throughout the country more sustainable (SF6 replacement, biodegradable materials)
  • Technologies offering flexibility to the grid by integrating renewable sources (DSR, smart grids)
  • Innovative systems for storage and alternative production technologies
icona managing uncertainty

We search for solutions capable of managing the evolution of the electricity system and the factors that affect it (climate change; new geopolitical, economic, technological and regulatory scenarios), by ensuring forecasting capabilities and interventions to mitigate major criticalities.

  • Algorithms for load forecasting
  • IoT and AI solutions for processing field data and forecasting weather impacts on the network
  • Solutions for integrating electric mobility and the energy system (Vehicle2Grid)
icona full efficient and zero risk maintenance

We search for technologies that enable risk reduction and the improvement of performances in operations, including through the automation and digitalisation of processes.

  • Exoskeletons, Drones, Robots supporting field activities
  • Remote support and personnel training through Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • Predictive maintenance software and platforms
icona copper plate grid

We invest in technologies to enhance and develop the network sustainably and efficiently: solutions that increase the performances and resilience of transmission assets.

  • New materials for conductors and cables with improved performances (superconductors)
  • New anti-icing, anti-corrosion and anti-fouling materials
  • AC/DC hybrid systems
icona humancentric corporation

We want to focus on solutions that put our people at the centre, promoting their safety, well-being and health and enabling them to make the most of the new ways of working.

  • Technologies for digitalising and simplifying business processes
  • Innovative training and onboarding solutions (the metaverse)
  • Solutions for cyber security in OT and IT