We start with our business needs, before developing concrete solutions that can meet our requirements through the formulation and development of new ideas and the implementation of innovative projects, with a structured process for the protection and enhancement of Intellectual Property (IP).

  • Over 60 innovation projects;
  • 16 patents obtained;
  • 30 new patent applications filed.

We firmly believe that the challenges of the ecological transition can only be met through cooperation with external players and interaction with the Innovation ecosystem. Start-ups, universities and other enterprises collaborate with us, playing a dual role as both enablers and beneficiaries of innovation.

  • Over 500 start-ups in contact with Terna;
  • over 15 Open Calls.

We involve our personnel at all stages, with a view to spreading the culture of innovation.

  • Over 200 ideas from the “Terna Ideas” Intrapreneurship programme.

The entire company takes part in the development of innovative ideas and projects, thanks partly to the presence of special facilities located throughout Italy that serve as a link between the innovation sector and the Terna Group.

  • 2 Innovation Factory (Innovation Factory Trasmission Operator which deals with grid transmission technologies in relation to asset management processes, and Innovation Factory System Operator, which deals with technologies for the management and development of the Electricity System);
  • 1 Innovation Lab, which deals with transversal innovation of the Group, as well as the development of assets and projects involving disruptive solutions, not yet mature or recently present on the market;
  • 8 Community Manager throughout the country.

THE 70-20-10 MODEL

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Energy system tech
Grid tech
Advanced materials

Digitalisation technologies to support the electricity grid and the optimisation of processes. The digital sector represents 50% of our innovation projects.