(Name and Surname)
Shareholding in company1
Numbers of shares held at the end
of the previous year (2019)
Numbers of shares purchased
(in 2020)
Numbers of shares sold
(in 2020)
Numbers of shares held at the end
of the financial year 2020

The information regarding Catia Bastioli, Luigi Ferraris, Paolo Calcagnini, Riccardo Maria Schioppo, Alessandra Zunino De Pigner, Cesare Felice Mantegazza, Davide Attilio Rossetti and Renata Ricotti relates to the period until 18 May 2020 and, with regard to the General Manager, until 19 May. The information regarding the other persons relates to the period after 18 May. As a result, the Company is not aware of share purchases and sales completed after the end of the term of office.

1. TERNA S.p.A. and its subsidiaries.

2. This column – added to Form 7-ter of Annex 3A provided for in art. 84-quater, paragraph 4 of CONSOB Resolution 11971/99 – shows if the shares are held under ownership or a pledge, are held in usufruct, have been deposited, lent or borrowed.

3. Including 2,100 shares in TERNA S.p.A. held by her cohabitant.