Among the various services provided to support workers are information about complementary pension fund, health service and prevention campaigns promoted by the company for its people.


For the families of the employees, numerous forms of support are provided, that include more favourable conditions adopted by our company compared to what is provided for in the legislation and the internal projects, such as the company nursery in Rome.

Life & Work

Terna has made various tools available to improve the work-life balance of its people. This includes numerous services associated with mobility and arrangements dedicated to flexibility, such as structured remote working.

Performance Bonus

Among the incentive systems is the Performance Bonus, which is additional remuneration paid to employees upon achievement of increases in productivity, profitability, quality, efficiency and innovation. The employee can convert the performance bonus into welfare goods and services, benefiting from a special tax advantage and an additional company contribution that increases the amount available to the employee.

Sport & Culture

Sport and fitness initiatives provided by the company are numerous, as well as the initiatives promoted by the recreational association of the sector.

Loans & Insurance

Various forms of financial and insurance support are available, including the possibility for employees to take out loans to be repaid by transferring some of their salary, or to request an advance on severance pay for certain needs.


Numerous agreements in support of free time and offers in various sectors and product categories are available. Most of the agreements are valid all over the country, while others are active at the territorial level.