Our Mission

Terna is investing in Italy’s development

We guarantee energy security and balance electricity supply and demand 24 hours a day, ensuring that the system is reliable, efficient and accessible to all. We invest and innovate every day in the development of an electricity grid capable of integrating the energy produced from renewable sources, improving links between the different areas of the country and strengthening cross-border interconnections, applying a sustainable approach that takes into account the needs of the communities and people we work with.
Our Vision

We care about the future of energy

We are committed to building a future powered by clean energy, enabling new forms of consumption and production increasingly based on renewable sources. This will allow us to achieve the goal of delivering an energy transition that is fair and inclusive, whilst also lowering costs. Thanks to our overall vision of the electricity system and new digital technologies, we are leading the country’s drive to get to net zero by 2050, in line with European climate goals.
Our Purpose

We are behind the energy you use every day

We are responsible for guaranteeing the continuity of power supply, essential in making sure that electricity reaches Italian homes and businesses at all times. We provide everyone with equal access to electricity and are working to provide clean energy for future generations.

Presence of women at Terna

women / total employees in Italy 17%
new hires / total, net of manual workers 30. 3%
women in managerial positions 21. 3%
women / total in STEM positions
*data updated on 31/12/2022