Our people

nearly 4000 professionals

around 1000 blue-collar workers and 1000 technical office staff
more than 800 engineers
around 250 employees controlling grid flows in real-time
nearly 300 experts in the planning and construction of installations

Our People

north 1342
center 1808 (Sardinia included)
south 766 (Sicily included)

Our organisation

qualified personnel in 4 business areas

84% of personnel actively partecipate in the safe management of the Italian National Transmission Grid
12% undertake activities to strategically support the core business
over 200 professionals contribute to the development of new business, both in Italy and overseas
around 50 experts working to identify innovate energy solutions

The network

72,900 km

nearly 900 substations
25 foreign interconnections
around 320 billion kWh of energy managed on avarage each year