The Electricity System Security Plan, prepared annually by Terna and approved by the Ministry for Economic Development, is a four-year programme that sets out initiatives to prevent and reduce the consequences of malfunctions on the electricity grid.

The Plan breaks down into eight grid operation areas, regarding the planning, supervision, regulation and protection, restart and monitoring of the electricity system, as well as an area dedicated to safe and optimal management of renewable energy sources.
The Plan also defines initiatives to protect the physical integrity of the grid, including surveillance and protection activities regarding the most critical electricity substations and actions to protect the IT security of infrastructure against attempts at forced entry, unauthorised access and possible cyber-attacks.
These areas of intervention are confirmed in the 2019 Security Plan, in which the activities carried out in 2018 and those planned for the period 2019-2022 are described. The key drivers for the 2019 Security Plan are:

Infrastructure maintenance

Maintenance of electricity grid infrastructure is essential in order to guarantee quality of service, with the aim of ensuring that grid reliability meets the very highest standards. The tools used to support maintenance activities are subject to continuous innovation, as regards identification of the most suitable interventions (MBI-Monitoring and Business Intelligence, a tool used to support decision-making), the scheduling and execution of operations (WFM – Work Force Management) and the adoption of modern aerial inspection techniques for the electricity grid. Implementation of the plan to progressively assume responsibility for operation and maintenance (O&M) of the electricity substations owned by Rete Srl (following acquisition of RFI’s assets) proceeded in 2018. By the end of the year, responsibility for 239 of the 354 substations acquired had been transferred.

We work continually to improve our ability to identify and optimise interventions on the grid; we use the best possible techniques to conduct checks based on innovative instruments and processes.