Significant increase in investment to support the energy transition

Electricity grids and transmission network operators like Terna have an increasingly central role, in the context of major global change, and are faced with challenging objectives linked to sustainability, competitiveness and safety.

billion Euro

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compared to the previous plan

Investments in regulated activities for the Strategic Plan 2019-2023

We are ready for the challenge: in our 2019-2023 strategic plan we are set to invest 6.2 billion euros in Italy. This is Terna's greatest financial commitment ever, up almost 20% from the previous plan. The plan enables us to play an active role in the energy transition and helps Italy tackle electricity sector challenges in a safe, efficient and sustainable way.

This significant acceleration in investment will help support the development of the country’s infrastructure, guiding the electricity system towards complete decarbonisation and encouraging full integration of renewable sources into the energy network. At the same time, we must renew the group’s assets to improve service quality and efficiency, invest in digitization, increase network security and stability, and strengthen international interconnections.

As we develop and modernise the national transmission network, we will work even harder to involve all the main local stakeholders in our search for innovative solutions and technologies, thanks to proactive listening and dialogue activities, including the active involvement of residents. In addition, 60% of the new power lines that will come into operation during the plan will be 'invisible', either underground or submarine cables, with reduced environmental impact. Attention to the environment and sustainability is seen as an extraordinary strategic enabler in generating value for the country.

Sustainability, dialogue with communities, innovation, digitization, people and industrial know-how are key elements in our development.

Guiding role in sustainable energy transition

Guiding role in sustainable energy transition


of 2018 revenues

Non regulated

of 2018 revenues


of 2018 revenues

Play a leading role in energy transition

Developing value-added solutions

Leveraging Terna's industrial know-how



Enabling energy transition

Strengthening core competences and innovation openness

700 €/mln
of investments


under 30 new hires in 2018



We intend to further reinforce our core business in Italy , investing in the electricity grid which represents the backbone of Italy’s energy system.

We will give maximum priority to all activities that enable the country to face up to energy challenges in a secure, efficient and sustainable way.


billion Euro

Development of the national electricity grid

We will reinforce international interconnections (with France and Montenegro in particular), with the aim of increasing the capacity for cross-border exchange and promoting the progressive integration of European markets. In particular, we will start work on the new SA.CO.I.3 project (strengthening the connection between Sardinia, Corsica and the Italian peninsula).

We will implement projects to improve connections with the different areas of the domestic market, installing undersea connections and a series of transmission lines particularly in Sicily and the Central-South region of Italy.

Projects are in place to rationalise the grids in a number of large metropolitan areas such as Milan, Rome, Naples and Palermo. For more details on these projects, please see investments by Terna for Italy.


billion Euro

Defence plan

We aim to develop and install devices to improve the security and stability of the electricity system and develop our fibre-optic network through a new installation plan.


billion Euro

Renewal and efficiency projects

Investments are being made to improve service quality and integrate the electricity grid acquired from the FSI Group at the end of 2015.

Of the € 5.3 billion of investments planned, investments for € 4 billion have already been authorised.

In the context of the three investment categories cited above, we will dedicate around € 600 million to the development of innovative solutions and digitization , both of which are essential to managing energy flows on the grid in a safe, efficient and reliable way, as well as offsetting demand variability, particularly in view of the intermittent nature of electricity generation from renewable sources.

In particular, new digital systems to enable remote control and diagnostic activities at electrical substations will be introduced.

The development plan

The Development Plan of the Italian National Transmission Grid is presented for approval each year to the Ministry of Economic Development. The plan indicates the projects that will be launched in the next ten years and the status of works implemented in previous years. The 2018 Development Plan (DP) envisages investments of approximately € 12 billion. For more details, please see investments in the Italian electricity grid.

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